Partner with Avedo

At Avedo we believe in the power of a team. Some of our investment properties were constructed with other investors and then subdivided, other remain joint ventures. However, we can safely say that our team spirit has exponentially benefited us and has been a driving force.



We are open minded to any form of real estate partnership. Here is one example of what such a partnership could look like:

You have land or access to land that is ready for development, but you don’t have one to two years worth of time to plan, general manage and lease or sell the project. That’s were step in. We can plan, design, general manage, construct and property manage. In return we receive a share in the development. This has major advantages with the main one being 10% to 20% cost saving on the overall project. This in return gives you a lower mortgage and increases your monthly cashflow. You will enjoy our expertise in dealing with everyone from lawyers to engineers and building inspectors, which is necessary to ensure deadlines are met. Contact us today to discuss potential ideas.