Are you a new investor confused by the masses of so called “investors” trying to sell you a course that is generic and not local? Are you an established investor looking to put your money to work to achieve amazing returns on investment? Well you are in the right place.



Avedo Inc. has proven track record in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investing.


We offer a transparent investment process where we talk to you personally, inform you of the property and our strategy, show you exactly how we achieve our goal and let you be as involved in the deal as you wish. This gives you the opportunity to invest as a silent investor or as an active investor. The investment opportunities include long term rentals, residential new construction, land developments and private lending with a great return on investment. Over the years we have been very creative with investing our strategies. While most of our investments to date are done without outside investors and on a project by project basis, we often come across more amazing deals than we can handle at a time. This sprung the idea of creating a local investment fund that will have amazing ROI, can meet physically and be more powerful. If this sounds like the opportunity you have been waiting for please contact us today.